Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Annual Maintenance Contractin

February 5, 2020

Nakheel Environmental & Industrial Solutions has been awarded a contract to supply,install and commission Oman Airports Management Company’s required Environmenta l Protection Equipment – Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station.

The Mobile AQM Station is based on Aeroqual’s AQM65 Compact AQMS -a fully integrated air monitoring station that delivers ‘near reference’ levels of performance.The size of a large suitcase it can measure up to 20 different gaseous and particulate pollutants and environmental parameters simultaneously. The AQM 65 offers the optimalbalance between performance and price – measuring criteria pollutants to WHO air quality limits yet costing3-5 x less than a traditionalstation based on analyzer technology.

Local support in terms of commissioning, preventive maintenance and corrective servicing will be done by Nakheel Environmental & Industrial Solutions,through this arrangement OAMC can be assured of minimal downtime and reliable,quality data.

About Oman Airports Management Company

Oman Airports Management Company is a government owned company,responsible for the management and operations of the civil Airports in the Sultanate of Oman.The infrastructure of the airports such as the terminal buildings,cargo building, runway,apron,car parking and other facilities are directly under OAMC’s management.

The main functions of OAMC at the airport are to:

  • Manage the Airport Assets, Facilities,Infrastructure, Projects and Maintenance Plans.
  • Manage the Aerodrome Certification & Compliance, Emergency Planning,Capacity Management and Customer Services.
  • Be ready for the new airport and to ensure that OAMC is fully manned,prepared and equipped to operate all the new airports.
  • Airfield,Terminal,Flight Information and Fire Fighting Managment.
  • Manage all the commercialareas such as retail,real estate,fuelfarm,concession agreements,car park,airport space adverting,corporate communications and airline marketing.
  • Manage Information,Communications and Technology at the Airports.
  • Undertake Financial Management and revenue collection from aeronauticaland non-aeronautical sources and expenditure payments.
  • Developmentof procurement policies and procedures.
  • Provide of Human Resources and administration support for the corporate company
  • Facilitate and manage security
  • Undertake Health,Safety and Environmental Management for all organizations operatingwithin the Airport Boundaries.

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